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Top CMS In The World

There have been approach of different cms in the last decade.Some became big and others not so much.Below is the list of the most feature rich,user satisfying and widely used cms in the world.


WordPress:The most commonly used content management system. The strength of WordPress’ feature and adaptive functions and the massive¬† developer and user community are the things which made it so popular.Wordpress has a plugin options.With plugins you can add infinite features to a website and it’s even possible to make custom plugins as well.So sky is the limit

Joomla:The second most used cms after wordpress.Joomla offers similar customizable options like wordpress.Only difference is the availability of plugins.Joomla has very few extensions(plugins) compared to wordpress.This is where it is inferior.

Drupal:Currently the greatest competitor of wordpress.Drupal has the options to add modules available from the thousands.But the admin panel of Drupal is somewhat different and plain from wordpress or joomla.At first look you might have it hard to believe that Drupal has so much options and features.Currently 2% of the websites online are built on Drupal.

Dotnetnuke:Dotnetnuke took the cms sector by storm with their different backend coding.Usually the above 3 cms use php coding as backend base where dotnetnuke uses asp .net.Easy to use admin panel,customizable api are it’s core features.It’s even designed to run on windows servers without losing performance.Downsides are that it’s not free like other cms’.