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Discounted 4K TVs This Black Friday that You Missed out on

Discounted 4K TVs This Black Friday that You Missed out on

Black Friday is here; and Cyber Monday too. The 4K TV makers have just added their Ultra High Definition to the list of Black Friday promotions. This is because they are trying to spur an early holiday shopping traffic – both offline and online.

Such a time, last year, the 4K TV hype offered a stratospheric price of about $7,000, not forgetting that two years ago, the initial models cost about $20,000.

Starting on 27th November 2014, on Thanksgiving Day, Best Buy has decided to you buy the Samsung UHD 4K TV for just $899. This is a price cut of $500 and the first time the retailer has ever offered a 4K TV set for less than $1,000.

The retailer also has 4K TVs from other brands too, like Sony, Vizio, and LG.

These high-end TVs deliver a resolution that’s four times more than HDTVs, allowing you to watch 4K movies in an Ultra High Defection. Best Buy believes that improved high video quality will entice buyers into visiting their stores and acquire the 4K TVs.

The retailer is looking to better their sales this year compared to last year. And things are looking good. That is, according to a chief equities strategist in Belus Capital Advisors, Brian Sozzi, has noted that consumers are actually showing interest.


Better still; the sale of 4K TVs has risen nine-folds in the past year alone, evidenced by the fact that consumers are spending more money for these UHDs rather than the traditional HDTVs. I guess more folks prefer the high-resolution 4K movies and TV programs.

So, why are the UHD 4K TVs more popular this holiday season compared to the previous years? Well, more and more people are coming into terms with improved image quality, and have learnt to appreciate the satisfaction they get from watching 4K movies and mini-series.

Aside from that, the prices of the UHDs have also declined, faster than the HDTVs. And the promotion during Black Friday (and even Cyber Monday) is expected to create some awareness among the public. As a result, this accelerates the approval and acceptance of the UHD technology.

Now, if you are looking to replace that HDTV in your living room, then you need to consider lining up for the UHD 4K TV this Black Friday.

Since 4K TVs are new, the makers are constantly working on improving its production. In other words, for now, there aren’t much 4K movies to watch, but their content is expected to increase in the next few years. 

This shouldn’t be a put off to you as the customer. The TV’s imaging quality is amazing and highly incredible.

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Top CMS In The World

There have been approach of different cms in the last decade.Some became big and others not so much.Below is the list of the most feature rich,user satisfying and widely used cms in the world.


WordPress:The most commonly used content management system. The strength of WordPress’ feature and adaptive functions and the massive  developer and user community are the things which made it so popular.Wordpress has a plugin options.With plugins you can add infinite features to a website and it’s even possible to make custom plugins as well.So sky is the limit

Joomla:The second most used cms after wordpress.Joomla offers similar customizable options like wordpress.Only difference is the availability of plugins.Joomla has very few extensions(plugins) compared to wordpress.This is where it is inferior.

Drupal:Currently the greatest competitor of wordpress.Drupal has the options to add modules available from the thousands.But the admin panel of Drupal is somewhat different and plain from wordpress or joomla.At first look you might have it hard to believe that Drupal has so much options and features.Currently 2% of the websites online are built on Drupal.

Dotnetnuke:Dotnetnuke took the cms sector by storm with their different backend coding.Usually the above 3 cms use php coding as backend base where dotnetnuke uses asp .net.Easy to use admin panel,customizable api are it’s core features.It’s even designed to run on windows servers without losing performance.Downsides are that it’s not free like other cms’.

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Content Management Systems


Content management systems are an online platform.Although it may first sound like a system for managing different sorts of content but actually they are not only that.But much more.They provide us the opportunity to make websites with their unique features,functions and tools.In the earlier days of .com boom developers had to learn excessive coding to make simple static websites.Those times are now gone by.Now it’s possible for average people to make static even dynamic websites with the help of cms’.Although knowledge of coding isn’t going to waste in these systems.If someones knows different coding languages than they can customize the websites even more precisely.So it’s a win win situation.

Cms have reduced complexity for average web admins as well.Now that they have an easy backend interface it’s easier for them to make changes or update their website.As a result of all these advantages people are turning more and more towards cms based websites.It’s the new trend and because of good reasons.Even some of biggest corporations and even a US state government website had their websites built on the most famous cms named WordPress.

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